Using the FitSM logo

FitSM and the FitSM logo are trademarks registered by ITEMO (ITEMO e.V.) on behalf of the FitSM Committee.

We do not object to any sensible use of (the brand name) FitSM, e.g. using it in publications, products and services based on FitSM materials in accordance with the  FitSM license conditions.

The FitSM logo however, may be used only for the following purposes:

Publications, products or services that further the development of FitSM, serve to communicate FitSM content or contribute in another beneficial way to the service management and FitSM community.

Examples for such use include…

  • using the FitSM logo to reference to your FitSM certifications or FitSM related activities you participated in on your personal website or on a social media platform;
  • using the FitSM logo in service management training materials based on or using FitSM content;
  • using the FitSM logo in books or other publications related to service management and FitSM (if the main topic of the publication is FitSM, then the logo may also be used on the cover);
  • using the FitSM logo in promotion materials for trainings, workshops, consulting services etc. related to FitSM.

Under the above condition, you may use the FitSM logo if you follow the following rules:

  • In general, do not use FitSM or the FitSM logo in a way that implies affiliation with the FitSM Committee or ITEMO, or their endorsement of your publications, products or services.
  • Only the FitSM logos with the ® symbol as provided on / by may be used. Do not change the colours, remove elements, combine it with other symbols or modify the FitSM logo in any other way.
  • Include the following attribution and disclaimer:
    “FitSM and the FitSM logo are trademarks registered by ITEMO e.V. on behalf of the FitSM Committee. The use of the FitSM trademark in connection with this product does not signify any affiliation with or endorsement by the FitSM Committee or ITEMO”.

The FitSM Committee and ITEMO have complete discretion in determining if your use falls outside the allowed scope of this license and/or violates any of the rules.

We may modify these guidelines at any time. Your continued use will constitute your consent to such modifications.

Logo files

We provide the FitSM logos in PNG format. If you have a legitimate need for different formats, including vector formats, please contact us.

Full FitSM logo with name of the standard:

Square FitSM logo with only graphics elements: